Brainless present Perth’s first ever Never Say Neverland Kids Music Festival

Brainless present Perth’s first ever Never Say Neverland Kids Music Festival

Set to take place at Optus Stadium on 12 March 2022, Never Say Neverland is featuring some of Australia’s largest kid entertainment characters.

From the ABC Network’s Bluey and Bingo to Nickelodeon’s Paw Patrol and the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles plus so much more.

The festivities don’t stop there as we put on live-action sports shows with some of the best BMX and Motocross riders in our country showing off their favourite tricks and flips right in front of your eyes.

It’s an event set up for the whole family to enjoy, including children’s face painting, market stalls, jumping castles, petting zoos, and cheerleader performances!

Perth’s foodie scene will also be brought to life with the best food trucks and beverage offerings for the entire family to relax and enjoy under the sun.

Imagine yourself munching on a classic burger with your favourite flavoured shake and a side of tater tots.

Don’t forget to BYO picnic rugs and low seating chairs to get the most out of your day!

With the help of an event management company (That’s us!) Never Say Neverland is hoping to establish itself as more than just a children’s wonderland but as an operation that raises funds for children charities.

The once-in-a-lifetime magical wonderland of Never Say Neverland is proudly fundraising for the Perth Children Hospital Foundation, The Happiness Co Foundation and Moondreamz Inc.

For more context, the Perth Children’s Hospital Foundation is the official and largest funder of the Perth Children’s Hospital and the wider Child and Adolescent Health Service after the government, The Happiness Co Foundation was formed to help the community “find their happy”, and create events, programs and support groups for those affected by unhappiness and the challenges on Mental Health and finally, Moondreamz is a registered charity committed to improving the quality of life for children suffering from neurological conditions.

It is for this one day only in the world’s most beautiful multi-purpose venue in Perth, that we bring you the opportunity to enjoy a family fun day while giving back to the community and supporting the future leaders of our country.

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MCO Events is expanding its services in 2022

MCO Events is expanding its services in 2022

The event scene in 2022 will be unpredictable, to say the least so we need to be prepared and expect the unexpected.

It will be a year for the books at MCO Events. The team is growing but so is our list of services.

We are diversifying our portfolio and tapping into the potential of not just events in a business sense but on a personal level as well.

The last few years have bred a certain type of uncertainty in the event management field, but it also gave it room to find more creative ways to connect and bring people together.

This year will be filled with in-person events and occasions, virtual events and occasions and our personal favourite which is a mix of both.

Hybrid events are the new ultimate experience across all industries.

Going to the effort of making your hybrid event truly balanced and successful for both the in-person and virtual attendees is worth the effort.

You can increase your reach, create new sponsorship opportunities, reduce travel costs and environmental impact, and capture more data than a traditional event.

Hybrid events are the new standard and we’re looking forward to embracing them.

At MCO Events we work with people’s businesses, minds and even their personal ambitions so it’s important that you can trust our work, and that we will make things right until you are satisfied with the outcome.

From business seminars, corporate events, weddings, engagements, brand launches to business coaching, life coaching and masterminds (group coaching), we are at your service.

There is unlimited potential in every new experience and we’re here to ensure you get everything you need to succeed.

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2021 was wild, unpredictable, and exhausting but also inspiring and rewarding.

It has been an overwhelming time navigating a global pandemic while also riding the countless highs and lows that have felt more extreme this year than ever.

We’re in the final stretch of this long year, and despite the surprises at every turn, we made it.

Zoom became essential to stay connected and meet both casually and professionally and it’s a process we’ll be continuing to make use of in the new year.

It’s admirable how everyone has figured out the online world quickly and how it’s kept everyone connected.

Mel has been virtually engaging in 1v1 coaching even after restrictions eased adapting to this ‘new normal.’

Life has truly changed forever. There were global challenges that affected us all, but we all also experienced a different version of 2021 and came out on the other side.

Despite all of the difficulties and the trying time that we’re in, it’s been a great year.

As soon as we re-opened, we held a Latino Pizza Party, a Dog-a-Thon and have been planning and preparing for a big year ahead.

So far next year is packing up fast, we’re looking forward to hosting Ego Expo in February, Never Say Neverland in March and the annual end of year Dog-a-Thon already locked in for 2022.

Not to mention all the fashion launches and inspiring leaders we have to look forward to.

This year was anything except easy to navigate, but in the end, we have to appreciate all of the lessons we’ve learned and the strength that it forced us to have.

I’m sure we can all agree we are looking forward to closing the long chapter of 2021.

Continue taking every day as a new day, celebrating all of the successes, and keeping your head up during all of the difficult moments.

Here’s to more wins in 2022, staying safe, and bigger, better things!

Our door here at MCO Events is always open (even if it’s just over Zoom) to chat about big ideas, coaching and events so let us know what you’ve got on your mind! 

Have a very happy Christmas and we look forward to working with you all in the new year. Excited to see what awaits in 2022.

With love,

Melissa Yu and the MCO Events team xx