Our Mission

“To plan and nurture every event as if it were our last”

MCO Events and Branding is a Melbourne-based boutique agency created to assist you and your businesses with everything from brand start-ups to large company re-branding. We offer attentive event services to ensure you and your target audiences needs are met.

We do this through our powerful mission statements:

  • To engage in sustained interaction tailored towards your goals.
  • Building a client’s desired message through positive event experience.
  • Fostering leadership.
  • To create social and economic opportunities.
  • Creating strategic pathways that leads to seamless event planning and fun for all on the day
  • Engaging with the wider community.
  • Provide the tools and information to assist in smooth event operation
  • Promote positive social interactions.
  • Ongoing and affordable assistance in organisation, structure and promotional marketing

Please call or e-mail our head office at enquiries@mcoevents.com.au and one of our friendly staff will assist with your matter quickly and efficiently.

We look forward to working with you to create long-lasting, eventful memories.