The MCO Events Team thank our community for all the positive feedback in event management and brand consulting. We hope to service you for many years to come.

“To walk into the Ego Expo venue is to walk into a sense of grandeur, of vision, of purpose. Meticulous attention to detail and a well-trained, well-prepared team are hallmarks of an MCO event.

Melissa’s leadership and drive were on full display over the weekend, as the inevitable crises which popped up, as they do in any event, were handled swiftly and without any disruption to the event itself.

As an event partner, I witnessed first-hand the incredible passion Melissa has for ensuring the very best outcomes not only for her clients, in this case the stall-holders, but for every single person who walked through those doors.
My team wasn’t left wanting, and we will, without reservation, be partnering with MCO again.”
– Pierre Johannessen, CEO, Big Bang Ballers (NFP)

“Mel is a true visionary with the drive and determination to match. Working with her over the course of the last few years, I’ve been amazed at her ability to focus on the minute detail, while never losing sight of the bigger picture. What I admire most about Mel is her respect for every part of the process – one minute she could be mopping the floor, the next she’s in a boardroom with a team of executives. She is an absolute pleasure to work with, and I couldn’t recommend her more.”

– Casandra Williams, Team Leader, McAuley Community Services for Women


“A woman of so many talents, Mel is a self driven, hard working person, capable of achieving anything. You need only work beside her to see she is a real jack of all trades with the passion to back it. Mel uses both her head and her heart in all decision making, uniting her profession with her personal ethos in a way that few people can. She is someone that truly makes every minute count.”

– Lucy Prentice, Program Coodinator, McAuley Community Services for Women


“The best event organiser by far! I support Mel and her team till the very end.”

– Josh Kuhne, Studio Owner, Phresh Ink Studios (Gold Coast)


“Taking on a new job can be intimidating, confusing and at times overwhelming. We’ve all been there. The thing is, when Mel Yu was my colleague last year it was a completely different story. From day one she was confident, relaxed, open and so EXCITED for the challenges that lay before us in the workplace. She made me want to come into our little workspace because of the sheer high energy and fun she made our often stressful jobs in social services. Mel is a person who combines authenticity with action in both her work and personal life. When things were tough, I saw Mel creatively problem solve and try the next option (or the 10, however many were necessary to get the task done.) And this is the thing – that girl can WORK. This is no joke; I’m not sure I’ve seen someone work harder or put as much physical and mental energy into her role as Mel. At times she needs to be reeled in and told to take 5 (future colleagues beware) – this is how much she will give. I would love to be part of this amazing new project this woman has created – the energy she puts out is something you are automatically drawn to!”

– Melissa Vogele, Youth Service Leader, Youth Services (London, UK)


“I just want to say that it has been an incredibly amazing journey. As a Videographer and running Maximillion Media, I’ve found Mel to be extremely efficient and professional. I was able to have clear and concise communication which is paramount in making a powerful video. This has been amazing and I really hope to work with you all again!”

– Isza Maximillion, Directing Videographer, Maximillion Media


“Really exciting times ahead for Melissa’s company. This will be the next big thing I have no doubt.

– Steve Gunna, Director, Storm Consult


“Working with Mel Yu is simply described as easy. A woman of her word, she’s efficient and exponentially rises above and beyond the brief. Always a pleasant, warm and insightful interaction, my experience working with this individual has set the bar high for all future business relationships.”

– Alexander Sexton, Co-Founder, DeliciousPeople


“Mel’s unwavering drive, passion and dedication to anything she takes on and pursues is truly inspiring. A natural born leader, she touches the lives of those lucky enough to cross her path. Her ability to be the perfect balance of personal and professional attitude in events make her a pleasure to work with. So many incredible things in the works, this is the beginning of magic.”

– Celeste Newman, Singer and Songwriter, MKC Productions


“I met Mel at the start of the year (2017), she had helped with a personal goal I had set out to achieve. Not only did I find a professional in her industry but I made a friend. I can’t speak highly enough of her and MCO Events.”

– Heath Gay, Tattooist and Journalist, Ink Devotion Studio

“Thank you for the push and the incredible inspiration through your speech and your words. You share your story and it is authentic, inspiring and heart wrenching. As I’ve promised myself and now to hold myself accountable; it’s time to share my story too.”

– Shernie Jewel, Social Media Blogger and Youth Worker, Wesley Mission

“We loved our beautiful MC for the night! Could not recommend her more for anyone needing a little helping hand! Thank-you Mel for making our wedding day that extra special, we will never forget this moment.”

– Jes Magilton, Ten Years and a Wedding


“The first time ever catwalking. Proud to be a part of the first Ego Expo any way that I could. To support a dream of a lifelong friend (Mel) was a truly rewarding experience. Mel goes above and beyond in anything she does and Ego Expo is a testament to what is possible with passion and heart.”

– Nathan Rocks, Fitness Athlete and Model, Ego Expo Australia


“There are events, and then there are Melissa Yu’s events.

Never have I served alongside somebody so dedicated, committed, passionate and disciplined as the woman behind MCO Events. Mel Yu is the epitome of hard work and hustle. I feel extremely grateful to have witnessed her bring vision after vision to life. The lessons I have learnt, and the knowledge I have gained, just by watching her do what she does best, I know I will use all throughout my life. I recall moments during event preparation when we were stumped with what felt like last minute disasters in my eyes, and with just one phone call, Mel had these issues sorted. She truly does make events come to fruition seamlessly.

There is something special about this wave and I don’t doubt that it’s effects will ripple far and wide across the world – it is destined for greatness, and I truly wish the gift of MCO Events can be apart of everyone’s branding process and/or event. I cannot recommend Melissa and MCO Events as a whole anymore, even if I tried. Her professionalism is impeccable and her attention to detail will blow your mind – however, it is the flame that she will ignite within you, that will truly make your experience with MCO Events unforgettable.”

– Roseanne Rofaeel, Founder, Christmas on the Streets (NFP)